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Client Testimonials
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"We have a little herd of four beautiful horses and love every aspect of horse ownership, even the daily chores.  The only negative was the problem of finding horse care good enough to meet our high standards, thus allowing for some worry-free getaways.

Our lucky day was the day we asked D.J. if he would farm sit.  Ever since he agreed, going away is easy.In fact, we often say that our horses never had it as good as they do when D.J. is in charge.

Every aspect of each horse’s daily care is taken very seriously by D.J., with every little detail being checked.  Our two senior horses require a regime of medications that D.J. administers with care.  He monitors their health and safety with a keener and more experienced eye than ours.  D.J. often offers invited input from his observations and has made valuable suggestions regarding routines, herd dynamics, etc. that have been most helpful.

In addition to the routine horse care and barn chores, D.J. works with our horses in our absence.  What a wonderful feeling to know that while we are away; our horses are not sitting idle.  Rather, they are receiving both exercise and further education from a natural horseman whose skills we so greatly admire.  We love D.J.’s approach with horses and feel that our horses are so very fortunate to have him helping them.  It is most obvious that they benefit from D.J.’s time spent with them.

D.J. takes on the entire package when he farm sits for us – horses, dog, cat, barn, and house.  The greatest care is taken in all departments and we come home to things in perfect order, including happy pets.  Every request is met and exceeded.  D.J. is always obliging and willing to take on any assigned tasks.

D.J. is, most importantly to us, an accomplished horseman who successfully practices natural horsemanship.  But in addition, he is most likeable, personable, kind, positive, patient, experienced, willing, flexible, hard working, reliable, honest, responsible, careful and trustworthy.  We are most fortunate to have someone of D.J.’s caliber step in when we are away.

It doesn’t get any better!"

Jim and Donna

"As a child I had taken riding lessons and gone to horse camp during the summer holidays, and I had always considered my experience with horses to be sufficient and well rounded.

Through my adolescent years I had fallen out of the scene, and had traded my horse interests for other teenage interests but always had the intention to someday get back in to it.

Last year I purchased a 3 year old Clydesdale/Saddle bred cross and it didn’t take long to figure out that all those years of “experience” had taught me nothing more than how to sit on a horse and nothing about communication and friendship with a horse. Unfortunately, I think this is the reality with many riders, however most of them have not ever considered the horse’s point of view.

D.J. has helped me to develop that special relationship with my horse that I have always dreamed about:  A trusting devoted partnership.  We could ride off into the sunset if we wanted to. D.J,’s methods of natural horsemanship exceed any other ‘training” program available out there.  The wonderful thing about developing a language, in which both my horse and myself can communicate with understanding, is that we can do anything together.  I am not limited by a discipline, as both my horse and I are prepared and confident to do anything…the possibilities are limitless.

D.J. is a talented, professional, caring, and intuitive horseman that consistently proves his expertise in the field.  Although it is hard to let go of all the things I thought I knew about the care of horses, D.J. remains patient, consistent, and understanding…the true mark of a real horse whisperer.

I am more than grateful to have him as my teacher and I would never hesitate to refer anyone or any horse to him."

Kate Laird
Buck Brannaman
Buck Brannamans method of training focuses on communicating with horses, reading their body language, and making them feel safe so that horse and rider can achieve a true union. He considers himself a horse gentler, not a horse breaker, and in THE FARAWAY HORSES, he shares the knowledge he has cultivated over a lifetime. And he provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse of Robert Redfords movie The Horse Whisperer, for which he was the technical advisor.